Ashley Lanni is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist located in Neptune Beach, Florida. She has worked with Image Comics, Action Lab, Red Stylo Media, Upper Deck, Dorrance Publishing, Perfect Storm Publishing, Heroic Publishing and Identity Comics, as well as other companies. Over the past 5 years she has illustrated more than a dozen children's books and drawn countless covers. She loves to travel for comic book conventions and has appeared on season 3 of AMC's Comic Book Men. Ashley is also a co-host of a comic book & pop culture podcast called "The Short Box" that can be listened to HERE. Little Girls, an OGN published through Image Comics in 2019, is available at comic shops and bookstores nationwide.

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convention dates 2019:

  • 4/27/19 - Little Girls National Book Tour Kickoff Event @ Coliseum of Comics, Jacksonville, FL

  • 6/15/19-6/16/19 - Heroes Con, Charlotte, NC


  • Collective Con, Jacksonville, FL

  • Baltimore Comic Con, Baltimore, MD

  • Free Comic Book Day Event @ Universe of Superheroes, Jacksonville, FL

  • Heroes Con, Charlotte, NC

  • PalmCon, Palm Beach, FL

  • Collective Con, Jacksonville, FL

  • Megacon, Orlando, FL

  • Gods & Monsters Anniversary Event, Orlando, FL

  • Ancient City Comic Con, Jacksonville, FL

  • Tampa Bay Comic Con, Tampa, FL

  • Hall of Heroes, Jacksonville, FL



twitter: @Ashley_Lanni

instagram: ashleylanniart